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Shared Hosting Server Hardware Re-Location

Saturday, October 11, 2008 - 02:19 - Tim
Service Outage Summary:
Raines Internet Solutions has been notified by our up-stream co-location hosting provider that our equipment will be relocated to a new location. Customers will experience service interruptions for 15min's starting at Midnight (12:00am AUS EST) on the 8th October 2008, and again for a estimated 2 hours starting at Midnight (12:00am AUS EST) on the 9th October 2008.
Further Outage Details and Effected Services:
The up-stream co-location provider who houses our Server equipment has chosen to re-locate network racks, communication equipment and server hardware to a new location. All systems will be still located in Melbourne and customer access speeds will not be affected after the move has occurred.
The re-location procedure will be handled by professional server removalists and we can assure customers that their data will be in good hands. The move will occur over a duration of two consecutive nights beginning Oct 10th 2008 - Midnight (12:00am AUS EST).
Customers who have web hosting plans or services on either of our Windows Server or Linux Server systems will be affected by the move. The following is a list of services that may become un-available during the outage periods:
  • Email Services (Inbound Mail - POP3 and IMAP4, Outbound Mail - SMTP)
  • Web Services - All Websites will be un-available.
  • DNS Services - DNS for locally hosted domains will be down. Domain Customers who use off-site DNS Servers will be un-effected.
  • Database Servers (MySQL Services on Windows and Linux, MSSQL for Windows)
  • Customer Control Panel Access will un-available.
Actions Required By Customers and End-Users:
Raines Internet Solutions recommends not attempting to connect into email services for those customers who have Mail enabled on there domain name.
Before the first outage occurs we suggest making a backup of your web site and email setup. You can do this by selecting the Backup option in your Web Hosting Control panel. Raines Internet Solutions performs a daily; 7-day cycled off-site backup of both systems but will always recommend for customers to perform backup's of their own data as a precautionary measure.
No other actions are required by customers during the move. Please Contact Us on our new Support Number: +61 3 9912 6838 for further questions. During the move we will provide an Out of Hours phone service, please dial "40" when the Auto-Attendant connects your call.

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