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Reported FTP Access Issues with Linux Server Shared-Hosting

Friday, May 29, 2009 - 16:56 - Tim
Service Outage Summary

We have identified some re-occurring outages withregards to FTP Access forweb sites hostedin the Linux Shared-Hosting platform.We are currently in the process ofcorrecting the issues and will post an updateto this article oncethe problem is corrected.

Further Details

We have investigated the cause of the outages which have been affecting customer's ability to access their web sites using FTP. We discovered that theFTP Service on the Linux server has been under recent DoS (Denial of Service) attacks by random hosts on the internet. We can ensure customers that no security holes have been un-covered by the attacks, nor have any accounts been compromised/accessed by these attacks. Raines Internet Solutions would remind customers to change FTP Passwords regularly as a best practice. This can be done via the Linux Control Panel for the hosted domain in question.

These attacks have been a series of attempts to compromise "default" account names which could typically be found in a default installation of any Linux server, at this stage no customer accounts have been identified as targets of the DoS attacks.

The attackers randomly attempt to login to these FTP accounts sampling passwords in what's a methodreferred to as "Brute Force".

The effect of these attacks causes the FTP Service to either run out of memory, or block connections because of existing connections exceeding defined con-current connection limits at the server level. So far we have identified the attackers to have originated mainly from networks in the Pacific/Asian regions. We have Black-listed all IP Ranges from ISP's in these regions to deny them access on Port 21 through the border-firewall. This has improved the stability of FTP Access, but we have still been finding that random hosts are still attempting to connect from various networks globally, which is becoming a difficult task to track. Once we have a complete solution to the issue an update will be posted to this article.

We apologies again for any inconvenience caused, and would ask customers to report FTP Access issues immediately via our ServiceDesk support system, visit to log a fault. Choose the "Web Hosting Support" department when reporting FTP Access issues.


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