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KB10505652 - How to Publish Your iWeb Site in Mac OSX to Your Raines Web Hosting Account

Customer requires a simple and effective method to publish a web site to their Web Hosting Account with Raines Internet Solutions where the site has been created in the iWeb Application, which is included with iLife on Apple Mac OSX 10.x (Tiger & Leopard). 
Information about the Issue:
When developing web sites using iWeb on Mac OSX, users will find that the default publishing process involves creating a personal account on .mac and then using that to publish the web site too. This is not effective if you want to use your own domain name and web hosting account with Raines Internet Solutions.
Please read the following article on Apples Support web site which talks about the disadvantages of not publishing iWeb sites to .mac
Baring that information in mind, you can still publish your iWeb page to your web space with Raines Internet Solutions using ANY FTP Client software program that is compatible with Mac OSX.
Resolution: Steps to Publishing and Uploading your Web Site using FTP Client Software

Please follow these instructions for updating an existing web site created using iWeb, or if it is the first time you are Publishing to the web. The steps are same for updates and for new sites yet to be published.

  1. Open iWeb, and load your web site up. Now choose the Publish to Folder option from the File Menu.
  2. Create a New folder on your Hard drive where you can temporarily publish your iWeb site too. NOTE: Make sure it is a new folder different to the folder in which you have the site saved in and are working from.
  3. Once the site is Published to a "Local" folder on your hard drive, you are ready to "Upload" it to the Server. First if you don't already use a FTP Client software program on your Mac, you need to obtain one. Raines Internet Solutions has provided a simple to use tool called Easy iWeb Publisher. The current version is 3.0.1, this small tool has proven to be effective for publishing iWeb sites to Servers other than .mac and best of all it is a free download. 
  4. Download Easy iWeb Publisher 3.0.1 from the bottom of this article. Install the Application and Open it up. For more information about this program visit:
  5. Open the Easy iWeb Publisher and click on Help. This will explain how to configure the application to connect to your FTP Server.
Other Notes for this Article
  • Customers should refer to their Web Hosting Welcome Letter for FTP Server Login and Address details. For assistance with this Log a Ticket in our Support System.
  • IMPORTANT: In the Configuration for Easy iWeb Publisher you must enter "/httpdocs/" with out quotes into the "Folder to publish to" box. Failing to do this will result in error's when uploading site content. This effects Windows Hosting Customers and Linux Hosting Customers. Other FTP Client software programs will require the same information entered into the settings for the connection, options will vary depending on which FTP Client software you choose to use.

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