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KB10505138 - Cannot Access the Premium WebMail Client for Windows-based Hosting (SmarterMail)

Some Windows-based Web Hosting users may have trouble accessing their email using the Premium WebMail client, also known as "SmarterMail". When attempting to access webmail the server returns a Page Cannot be Found error, or a Timeout Error
Solution and workarounds to the Issue:
When the above problem occurs, it generally is related to the customer accessing WebMail via a Proxy server. This might be a Proxy server in the corporate network or via the ISP.
Because our Premium WebMail client does not operate on port 80, this may mean that either a local firewall or proxy server is not able to process the request.
The following address needs to be placed in the "Bypass" or "Exceptions" list of the firewall or proxy in your network: (You may need to contact your Administrator to do this)
If you believe that a firewall is the problem, then simply allow the outgoing traffic for port 9998.
If you do not have control over your firewall or proxy server because it is managed at your ISP, then we suggest logging a support request on our service desk to have your webmail downgraded to the Basic client which offers similar features but works via port 80. This will enable you to successfully access your email via the WebMail system.
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