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KB10502839 - Known Issues with RainesDirect Email Forwarding Services

Using RainesDirect services to forward email from alias addresses setup in your domain to another email mailbox service on a different domain does not work, or only some emails will only work on some forwards but not others.
Email forwards may not work at all; This case might be present when you have a wildcard address setup which allows all addresses to forward to a single mailbox. Only some email forwards work, others will not. This only occurs when different service providers are used for the different aliases.
Recipient does not receive the email and the sender's email is returned with a server message stating that either the address was non-existant or the server "gave up trying to relay the message".
Information about the Issue:
As this issue is known to Raines Internet Solutions we have no current overall fix to the problem, though instead we can provide support for customers to best avoid the issue.

All our RainesDirect DNS Services are hosted and managed off-site on our providers system. Bottle Domains; our Domain Provider, host the DNS Services which users of RainesDirect services use.
Suggestions that Raines Internet Solutions Recommends Clients Should Try:
  • Avoid using Free Public Mailboxes such as Windows Live Mail, Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail and MSN. These public email systems have very strict Spam filters which can block emails that are marked as a Forward. We can confirm that Windows Live Mail in particular has known issues with RainesDirect Forwards.
  • Be aware that Spam Filters can block emails which originate from a forward. Common spam emails use forwarding to hide the original sender, thus why a spam filter will target these emails. If your manage your own Email Server or Spam Filter configure a rule to allow Email from your configured Aliases in RainesDirect.
  • Configure your local spam filtering software on your PC to allow email from the Alias Address created in RainesDirect.
  • Use your Inbox provided by your ISP, as an alternative to a Free Public Email Address when setting up forwarding.
  • Instead of using Email Forwards, use a different server dedicated to email delivery for your domain; by the means of configuring a MX Record in RainesDirect. (Suggestion for Advanced Users)

For further questions or help contact us via the Support Forums. Or Submit a Support Ticket on our new support system if you believe their might be a more serious problem with your RainesDirect Service.

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