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KB10502122 - How to change the default Index document using .htaccess files

Issue Summary:
Customer requires the ability to make changes to the DirectoryIndex option in our Apache configuration. This would enable the customer to set a new Index document for their web site if the default server configuration is not suitable. 
Important Information Regarding the use of .htaccess Files:
Please note that incorrect configuration of .htaccess files may cause your website to not load correctly or at all. Please remove any .htaccess files from your web site if problems occur. For further support please log a ticket in our ServiceDesk.
Customers should also be aware that the use of .htaccess files is limited to our Linux platform only. Apache web server is not used in our Windows Hosting environment. Access to change Default pages for Windows Hosting customers can be performed using the Hosting Control Panel for Windows.
Solution: Creating a .htaccess file to change the DirectoryIndex property
Follow these steps to make the required changes:
  1. Open up Notepad or your favourite text editor.
  2. On the first line of the new file type the following:
    DirectoryIndex index.html index.htm default.htm index.php index.php3 index.phtml
    You can make the order of the Index pages what ever you require.
  3. Save the file as: temp.htaccess
  4. Connect to your web site using FTP and navigate to the /httpdocs/ folder.
  5. Upload the "temp.htaccess" file which you created.
  6. Rename the temp.htaccess file to ".htaccess"
  7. CHMOD the file to 755 for security precautions. That's it!.
More Information:
Alternatively you can also log into the Control Panel for your domain/web site and use the Create File option which is available by clicking on the File Manager icon. Using the Create File option in the control panel eliminates the need to upload the file via FTP.

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