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Web Hosting Plans

Raines Internet Solutions offeres customers a standard set of Web Hosting plan's which are then scalable to suit the clients' needs as their requirements change, plan's are offered on two server platforms;
  • Linux Server Platform Hosting (CentOS Enterprise Linux)
  • Windows Server Platform Hosting (Microsoft Windows Server 2012)
Customers can choose the platform that will suit the applications they need hosted, customers may switch platforms at anytime using our Platform Migration tools, for a small fee.
Standard Plan Set for All Platform Hosting:
Raines Internet Solutions Offers Un-Beatable Internet Hosting Services. Our customers are treated like people, not numbers. We value your business not like some Larger Web Hosting companies.
These Plans are standard choices which customers can select from, they can be configured on either a Windows Server or Linux Server depending on your requirements, if you need to adjust the plan to meet your specific needs we are happy to provide a custom web hosting quote which extends a standard plan featured below.
All Plans accompany a single Domain Name. A separate account and application form must be completed for each domain/web site you want hosted on our servers. If you have multiple domain names which need to point to the primary domain name where each other domain is only an alias for the primary domain name, then only one Hosting account is required. For assistance please contact us with any questions you might have.
If you need to customise one of the below plan's or add additional resources please check out our Web Hosting Add-ons section to find out what options are available.

This plan has been designed for Small Businesses who need to host a simple web page or application. Clients can upgrade when requirements change.
  • 5Gb of Web Space
  • 10Gb of Data Transfer (Bandwidth)**
  • 10 Mailboxes
  • Unlimited Sub-Domains
  • Unlimited Alias Domains

per Month

This plan is suitable for most clients it allows enough resources to run a standard web application and offers more mailboxes for larger companies.
  • 10Gb of Web Space
  • 20Gb of Data Transfer (Bandwidth)**
  • 30 Mailboxes
  • Unlimited Sub-Domains
  • Unlimited Alias Domains

per Month

* All Prices are Exclusive of GST. Prices are locked for the life of the contract. Early Termination fee is $220 ex. GST.
** Clients must understand that Excess Data where applicable is charged at $0.09 per Megabyte past the Plans Usage Limit. No Account will ne locked out for Exceeding Usage levels unless a breach in the Raines Internet Solutions Acceptable Use Policy has occured.

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