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Welcome to the ServiceDesk Support System
Raines Internet Solutions now offers an improved Support Ticketing system to manage your requests in a more organised and professional manner. We are calling it the ServiceDesk, the ServiceDesk can process your Support Request from start to end, ensuring that you are in-control of how we assist you, so that you can gain the most out of each support call. Each Request is Queued in our Job Logging system to provided a more managable solution from our end.
How It Works? 
We believe the Raines ServiceDesk is easy to use, please send us any feedback about our new system if you would like to help us improve it further.
To Use our ServiceDesk you just need to click one of the buttons to the right ->, choose the one most related to the type of support request you wish to make.
Then, Sign-In to your Customer Account which you we Provided or Registered with on our Web Site. Once you have logged-in the form should be partially complete from your details which exist from your Customer Account profile. All you need to do is fill in the message field with your Problem or Issue, including all relevant information, error codes and messages. Then Press Send to Log the Request.
Once your Request has been submitted, check your Accounts Primary Email Address, you should have received a confirmation email from the Raines ServiceDesk including a Ticket ID, this ID is your key and our key to track the progress of your Request throughout the Resolution process. Any Additional Emails or Information which you want to add-on to your Request can be done by emailing the information including the Ticket ID in the Subject of the Email.
Ensure you place square bracket's around the Ticket ID. eg: [934kjfd882] - This ensures the ServiceDesk system will know which Request the Email is attached to and append it accordingly.
Choose a Section to Submit Your Request Too:

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