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Corporate VPN Solutions

Connecting your branch offices together is now easier than ever with a fully-managed high speed encrypted VPN. We take the hassles and complexities out of managing your own VPN, by taking full control of your VPN hardware from our core network. Raines Internet Solutions can provide a full solution assessment and assist in planning your network requirements before choosing a VPN solution.
All deployed hardware and services are managed by our internet services partner, Broadband Solutions Pty. Ltd. You can be assured that all Corporate VPN solutions come complete with a 99.9% SLA and 24/7 network monitoring, so that your I.T department can have piece at mind out of hours if a problem arrises.

Our VPN solutions are tried and tested. Many business customers now are utilising VPN for there inter-office connectivity as experiencing the enhanced connectivity that they never had before.
Site Setup Fee Monthly Fee
Head Office $235.00 $85.00
Branch Offices $149.00 $59.00
* Inter-Office Data is not billed toward your total usage on the Broadband account. All LAN traffic is free.
Our Corporate VPNs are implimented using both IPSEC and/or PPTP for maximum compatibility and reliability. Also, our VPNs are compatible with the most common VPN routers and dialers, including the Microsoft VPN dialer shipped with most versions of Microsoft Windows. Our VPNs run over the top of existing Internet connections via encrypted tunnels, therefore you will require a regular Internet connection before applying for a managed VPN. The broadband connection used for the VPN must be supplied by Raines Internet Solutions on behalf of Broadband Solutions Pty. Ltd.

The pricing structure for VPNs is simple. You simply add $59.00/month to the cost of your regular Internet connection for each branch office, and $85.00/month for your head office. The minimum contract length for any VPN site is 24 months, and the VPN hardware always remains the property of our service provider Broadband Solutions Pty. Ltd.

Broadband Solutions Pty. Ltd remains responsible for the management of your VPN hardware at all sites for the life of the contract. Should a hardware failure occur, Broadband Solutions Pty. Ltd will ship a pre-configured replacement to the site within 1 business day. All other network support should be directed to Raines Internet Solutions. If in doubt contact us in support to find out what to do when a problem arrises.

Application Forms for New Customers:

We recommend speaking to a sales consultant before applying, to ensure that the type of VPN Link and broadband you apply for is available in your area. VPN solutions are available Australia-wide.

Download 24 Month Contract Form

Download 36 Month Contract Form


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